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Hey guys, if you enjoy a quality game made by people that love games and a great story, you should definitely check out this game currently in Greenlight on Steam.

Bevontule Logo
Bevontule – Currently In Greenlight on Steam

It’s called Bevontule and they developers are top-notch.  I have made quite a few videos playing their Pre-Alpha Demo.  Click the picture to take you to their Steam page!

Do me a favor and give them a “yes” vote and let them know I sent you!

Boom Headshot!

I was having a go at Sniper Elite 4 last night on the Hard Difficulty and I was having a pretty good run…surprisingly.  I decided to cut together the highlights into a nice short video.  Check it out!

Oops, I forgot!

So, I just realized that I didn’t post my latest Lunch Time With FPSTodd.  You can check it out down below.  This episode, we got into some Shotgun Legend.  This is a game that has been Greenlit on Steam and you can find out more about the game here.

Good News!!!

Silvertongue (Remix)
Give it a listen!

I just finished up my latest remix!  Soundcloud won’t let me upload it for some reason, but you can check it out right here!

If you feel so inclined, I believe you can go there and show your support for my track.  I would really appreciate it!  You guys rock!