A Good Ol’ Jam

I am sure you might be surprised that I entered a remix contest.  I know!  You should definitely check it out and let me know what you think.

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Here is the video I made too, just in case you want to check that out too.

More Feeling!

Here’s the deal:  I really dig Feel It Still by Portugal. The Man…so I couldn’t stop at just one remix.  For the second one, I went with a more synth-pop/retro vibe.  Check it out below.

If you like this one better stop by the link below to give this one a vote.

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Thanks for listening!!!

You Should Give This A Feel

I feel like I’ve been doing this pretty often, but if you ignored all the other contests I have entered, this is one that I promise you shouldn’t miss.  This song rocks.  Check it out!

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If you click the link above, please click that vote button and help me win this thing!



We All Have Bad Habits

Hey!  Happy Friday.  Celebrate with giving my new remix a listen!

It is part of a contest so please click the silly potato below and check out my track and show it some love there if you enjoy it!

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Go on a vacation!

Take a trip with me on my newest remix!  The video is live here:

If you want to see the contest page and show some love there, it would be very appreciated!!! Click this winking bear

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